First Nations Baby Rattle

The Rattle Maker

Handcrafted by a Native American artist and shaman and made in the traditional Plains Tribes style, this is not a gift shop replica — it is the real deal. Filled with Ghost Beads, believed to keep evil spirits away and protect the baby, each rattle is fully wrapped in soft vegetable-tanned leather, making it an ideal teething tool. Each individual rattle has been blessed with sweetgrass, sage, and cedar upon completion. Rawhide was traditionally used by Native Americans for their teething children.

The Rattle is also a comforting you for babies. Create a nice "white noise" akin to the sound of rain and gently shake and soothe your infant to sleep. 

• 5" Long
• Vegetable-Tanned Deerhide, Rawhide
• Filled with ghost beads, believed to keep evil spirits away

Cree First Nations, AB, Canada

The Rattle Maker is a Native American, Artist, Spirit. He walks a Spiritual path, guided by the Creator, dedicated to his journey, faithful in his Shamanic practice. He shares his knowledge and gifts.