S2 Dining Chair


Sleek, sculptural & simple, with enough elegance to please a more traditional eye.
— Western Living Magazine

Precision is what separates this chair from any other. Restrained in design and exact in its bend, measurement, proportion, and angle, the focal point of this piece is its curved textured back. Sanded to a silky butter finish, the solid wood structure is welcoming to the touch, while the lean on the S2's Italian leather seat is just so, making it ideal for extended dinners in almost any space.

Constructed of solid, sustainably-harvested walnut or oak with a catalyzed lacquer finish, the S2 Dining Chair becomes an extension of the space in which it lives, and is a piece made to last more than just a lifetime. 

The S2 Dining Chair was selected for the Canadian Consulate in London, England and the Canadian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium.

This collection is custom produced for individual clients. Pricing starts at $2,395 CAD. Please get in touch for purchase and more information.