Infused Honey

Mellifera Bees

Infused with only the best ingredients, this honey takes the sweet stuff to a new level. And besides, we've read that consuming local honey aids in combating seasonal allergies. 

Distinctive, hand-crafted honey infusions of exceptional quality. Each jar contains unprocessed honey harvested from ethically managed hives in backyards similar to yours, in neighbourhoods not so far from where you live, across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

• Available in Vanilla, Lemon, Ginger, and Cardamom flavours
• Comes in a 4oz glass jar

Vanilla: Pair with a top-shelf brie and pears, add it to coffee or Earl Grey tea, let it drape dreamily over scoops of homemade ice cream, cakes or any dessert really.

Lemon: More than a tonic for whatever ails you – be it a sore throat or a soggy disposition — the lemon infused honey is bright and balanced, offering a panacea appropriate to every meal. Pair with grilled chicken or salmon, fruit salad, or a simple cup of hot water. Try it also with Rooibos tea for sunny addendum to a cloudy afternoon.

Cardamom: A bold choice for bold friends, this infused honey reminds us of Turkish summers we've only dreamed of. A wonderfully piquant wildflower honey with laced with cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon and orange rind creates a decadent treat worthy of special occasions. Try with the obvious black tea and coffee, or pure vanilla bean ice cream, mancheego cheese or plain goat’s milk yogurt. In winter, drizzle in mulled wine and rum cakes.

Infused in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Mellifera Bees produces delicious (and beautiful) unprocessed honey infusions harvested from local hives located throughout Vancouver and the lower mainland. A fully trained beekeeper, founder Melissa Cartwright chooses ingredients based on quality and freshness and sources exclusively from small, independently owned British Columbia companies specializing in certified Organic, Fair Trade comestibles.