Mini Melodic Chimes

Ladies + Gentlemen Studio

Simple compositions of latest material infatuations: stained glass mixed with brass shapes. The geometric pairings are highlighted by an outer brass ring. With gentle breezes, the pieces rotate catching and reflecting sunlight while making delicate chime sounds.

• 5" x 5"
• Brass, Stained Glass
• Each chime is handmade and no two are alike. 

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Founded by Dylan Davis & Jean Lee in 2010, L&G Studio's playful explorations in materiality blend their resourceful curiosity with the desire to find unexpected pairings of material and function. Their focus is on creating a diverse set of products from small objects, home decor goods, jewelry, to furniture, lighting, and beyond. Their open, multidisciplinary approach to design yields an ever-evolving set of ideas and experiments collected from their everyday discoveries, explorations, and surroundings.