L2 Pendant Light


A sculptural, floating light-form meant to create a cinematic aura in a modern space, the L2 Pendant Light is a subtly powerful light source ideal for any space. Diffused by frosted panels, warm dimmable LEDs are inset within a solid walnut or white oak frame, resulting in a vibrant directional light. Using only high-quality stainless steel mounting hardware, each pendant is fully adjustable to allow the form to be suspended at any length from 1' to 8′. Each end of the frame is adorned with a sturdy solid brass cap, making the piece an object to be admired from all perspectives. A simple and unique approach to ambient lighting, the L2 is especially suited to dining areas, work spaces and retail spaces.

Gamla designed and manufactured a series of L2 Pendants for the Juice Truck's first retail location in Vancouver, BC - designed by Glasfurd & WalkerThe sculptural floating light forms are hung in a linear row, growing in length toward the end of the space.

Our lighting collection is custom produced for individual spaces. Please get in touch for purchase and more information.