Goodmallows - Salted Honey & Lavender


Goodmallows Salted Honey & Lavender is a sweet and salty flower child. Its ingredients are all about the blooms, from the organic lavender blossoms, the extra flowery organic honey, and even the fleur de sel used to give it a salty finish. Springtime in a bite!

Made in Vancouver, BC, Canada
An idea born out of a love of the idea of marshmallows (a nice, light, versatile sweet that's way better when roasted), Goodmallows are made with organic cane sugar, grass-fed Kosher gelatin, pure Canadian honey, and flavours that come directly from real ingredients instead of a chemistry lab (real raspberries! steeped loose leaf Earl Grey tea! pure cocoa powder! vanilla beans!). They carry all the taste of a hearty dessert without weighing down the stomach, and are still as clean a marshmallow as possible.