Gimli Traveller Dog Den

A dual-use designer dog Den and carrier, the Gimli Traveller is strong enough to keep your pup safe, light enough for travel, and stylish enough to proudly bring anywhere your life may take you. Featuring an airy aluminum mesh facade encased in sustainably-harvested solid black walnut with solid brass and leather details, each handcrafted Den becomes a familiar and safe place for your furry friend to den in, both at home or on the road. With no wasted space, each Traveller is meticulously designed to be lightweight, resilient and modern without sacrificing functionality or style.

The Gimli Traveller Den is finished with non-toxic, no VOC, 100% natural protective finishes, eliminating potentially toxic chemicals from our process so that your dog will not only be stylish, but will be safe too. The locking door ensures your dog will be secure to transport and is perfect for puppy crate training.

We also offer an optional handmade dog bed with a protective lining and a pre-washed and shrunk removable cover. Once the order is received, we will send you fabric swatches for you to choose a bed perfectly suited to your design aesthetic.

*Pictured is Gimli, our Welsh Terrier puppy, who has inspired us to make our line of dog objects. These products are made for Gimli, with her needs (and ours) in mind.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand, we currently have a 3 month wait list to begin production on your Gimli Den. Please contact us for more information on lead time and purchase.