Hemisphere Copper Container

Fort Standard

A magical copper orb to keep only the most special objects in. 

These hand spun solid Copper containers create sculptural hidden storage spots perfect for your coffee table, desk top or bedside. Available in a large spheroid shape and a smaller sphere that nests neatly inside its larger companion, each container's high polished parts fit snugly in a machined connection creating near seamless forms. The high polish reflects 360 degree fish eye views of the space they occupy and can either be polished to maintain the luster or allowed to develop a naturally darker patina over time.

• Available in 2.5" and 4" 
• Solid Copper

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Fort Standard are a Brooklyn based design studio founded by Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings. Their collaborative work is an ever-evolving dialog between their unique perspectives and their shared approach to design thinking.