Dahlhaus Dip Mug in Speckled Stoneware


We're not sure we've ever met a more meticulous ceramist than Heather Dahl. These mugs weigh nearly nothing in comparison to their impressive size.

Wheel-thrown from a speckled stoneware clay body, these mugs are simple and lovely to use and hold. They measure approximately 4" tall and are about 3" wide and hold approximately 10 oz of liquid. The handle is cut from a thrown cylinder so the throwing lines on the inside of the handle add a nice bit of texture to the hold.

• 4" x 3"
• Holds approximately 10oz of liquid
• Food Safe, hand-washing recommended

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Heather Braun Dahl created Dahlhaus out of a love of creating beautiful objects to be cherished and used in the home.