Creme Riche Botanical Moisture


This decadent, paraben oil and mineral oil-free cream is fortified with hemp seed, argan, and calendula oils. Whipped into a creamy, buttery texture, this super soothing formula hydrates and leaves the skin with a noticeable glow. Skin feels softened and smooth. Softly scented with essential oils.

Apply liberally to face, hands, body and feet as often as you desire.

What Reassembly Says:

Hemp Seed Oil - Extremely rich in omegas 3,6 and 9, making it one of the leaders in fatty acids. Because of its rich antioxidant properties it is said to detoxify and even-out skin tone and prevent premature tissue aging. It also contains potassium and calcium, highly beneficial in maintaining a glowing skin.

Argan Oil - A rich source of vitamin e and fatty acids, extremely healing, conditioning and anti-aging for skin and hair. Helps to neutralize free radical damage which is important especially in our polluted north american environment. Restores skin's natural hydro-lipid layer.
Calendula Oil - An infused oil, it contains antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. Extremely soothing and can speed healing. Alleviates pain, swelling, soothes cuts, burns and irritations.

Made with Love and Alchemy in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Founded by Josée Gordon, Reassembly Botanical is a skincare and fragrance line with a philosophy that takes high quality, organic and well sourced ingredients and re-assembles them into something finer, beautiful, more - through the magic of alchemy.

All Reassembly products are vegan and are made without the use of any harsh surfactants, parabens or hormone-mimicking ingredients (duh) and they lovingly source all of their ingredients from the best and most sustainable and ethical sources from around the world.