Our approach to business is much like our approach to a design project. We experiment constantly, applying creative thinking and solutions to all aspects of Branch and People.

We see our business as an opportunity to empower others, and are committed to supporting people who dream and create inspired work. To us, good business means being good, in having a positive impact on everyone it touches. As a firm point, we only sell products that we love and use ourselves.


VISION (2013)

We are about more than design, and more than just the making of objects;
 We are about experience, about building in the community, about finding joy in the everyday.
We believe in collaboration, in conversation, in building relationships over a common project and goal.
We believe in small production resulting in objects that are made and handled with care.
We believe in relentless perfection.
We believe in simplicity; in making beautiful things for nice people.
We believe in craftsmanship, in discipline.
We believe in long lasting objects that won’t need replacing.
We disagree with unnecessary consumerism, and believe in owning fewer things of the highest quality.
We won’t make only to satisfy an artificially created need.
We believe that our environment should be in harmony with our objects.
We believe in quality, and finding a delicate balance between form and function.
We expect nothing short of greatness, and pour pride into our business, into our community, into our projects.
We are restless, and expect to always explore, make and create.
We aim to inspire and have fun.
We believe in change, and that we will gradually, continuously grow.
We don’t know where we’re going to end up—we’re not even close to knowing—but the journey is the process: We’re not going to know until we get there.
We know this is only the beginning.
We believe in these things. Let’s see where we go together.
We are Branch and People.


Sustainability is integral to both the objects we produce and the business we run. We pride ourselves in developing new techniques, processes and strategies so that we may meet our target to ultimately transform Branch and People into a truly sustainable business. Sustainability is not something we take lightly — we are passionate about design and believe that it is our duty as designers, and as a small business, to be the change we want to see in the way consumer goods are manufactured.

Materials: Sustainably-Forested Woods: We use locally sourced, renewable materials native to North America. Whenever possible, we use recyclable + biodegradable materials.

Finishes: Hand-rubbed natural oils and wax finishes: No VOC, natural protective finishes from cheese extracts for durability. Incredibly strong natural epoxy made from peanut extract.

Waste:  Compostable packaging in our snack bar, & all food waste is composted or fed to local chickens. Our studio recycles or re-purpose's most of off-cuts in secondary projects. Our sawdust is used for garden compost. We simply reduce the waste our studio creates in all ways possible.

Energy: We consume as little material, and energy in our manufacturing as possible. We use exclusively LED lighting in our workshop, and aspire to be entirely solar powered (eventually!) 

Local + Lasting: We produce and sell non disposable, long lasting products, made locally by hand in British Columbia, Canada.

Community: We believe sustainability also involves contributing to a thriving community. This means local jobs with liveable wages, community improvement projects (unsolicited improvements to community infrastructure) and simply contributing wherever we see possible.

Get Better: We are always learning new ways to become more sustainable. Do you have an idea or partnership possibility? Get in touch and make a suggestion!